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Andra Enache
Love & Relationship Coach

Hello, you!

Thank you for passing by! Whatever brought you here, I hope it will inspire you to take the first step in creating better relationships for yourself.

No matter if you're single or in a relationship, human interactions are complex. My purpose is to help you navigate the complexities of human interactions by understanding yourself better and finding the tools to build healthier and meaningful relationships.

About Me

I'm a certified Relationship Coach dedicated to helping individuals and couples thrive in their relationships.

I have years of experience in coaching people and a compassionate, yet brave approach. With a background in psychology, I'm committed to empowering you to create the love and connection you desire by using a science-based approach.

Here's what my clients say

Andra has been very supportive and present during our coaching sessions, assisting me in tapping into my authority and becoming more confident. She read between the lines quickly, she is very graceful and always present, calm, welcoming - she was able to create a safe space in which I felt very comfortable.


”Working with Andra helped me have a clearer vision about my goals and how to achieve them, and also prioritizing what’s important in that specific moment. She is a really good listener, creating space for my thoughts to unfold, but also asking the right questions at the right time so that I can get clarity."


”I am so happy with Andra coaching session thanks to which I learned self respect and to require to be respected by a partner. She also gave me good tips on how to build an healthy relationship that meets my expectations from a romantic bond. Looking forward to some more coaching tips from Andra soon!”


"Andra helped me change my life when I needed it the most. Thanks to her I am more in peace with myself and past, confident, accepting about who I am, more assertive about my choices, I know exactly what I want and how to get there." 


How we can work together

The main way we can work together is through coaching session. Some of the main topics I can help with are outlined below.

Committed Relationships



This service is for those who are currently facing constant conflict in their relationship and do not know what to do anymore. I work with both individuals and couples. 

Effective Communication, Managing Jealousy, Conflict Management, Boundary Setting, Enhance Intimacy, Rebuild trust

I work with both women and men who want to put themselves forward into the dating world.  This is not a "10-steps to" type of coaching, but rather focused on self discovery.

Setting Healthy boundaries, Communication Skills, Building self-confidence, Identifying Red flags in dating, Overcoming rejection

This specific coaching service is for individuals and couples who are going through a break-up and want to take advantage of this experience to reflect and grow

Managing emotions post-breakup, building resilience and self-confidence, self-care after break-up, handling breakup regret.

Long Distance Relationships

I help you navigate the unique challenges and joys that come from a long-distance relationship, from setting goals as a couple to managing conflicts.

Navigating Cultural Differences, LDR goal setting, Dealing with Jealousy,  Maintaining trust & emotional intimacy

Get in Touch

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