My Coaching Services

The main way we can work together is through coaching sessions.
Some of the main topics I can help with are outlined below.

How we can work together

Committed Relationships



This service is for those who are currently facing constant conflict in their relationship and do not know what to do anymore. I work with both individuals and couples. 

Effective Communication, Managing Jealousy, Conflict Management, Boundary Setting, Enhance Intimacy, Rebuild trust

I work with both women and men who want to put themselves forward into the dating world.  This is not a "10-steps to" type of coaching, but rather focused on self discovery.

Setting Healthy boundaries, Communication Skills, Building self-confidence, Identifying Red flags in dating, Overcoming rejection

This specific coaching service is for individuals and couples who are going through a break-up and want to take advantage of this experience to reflect and grow

Managing emotions post-breakup, building resilience and self-confidence, self-care after break-up, handling breakup regret.

Long Distance Relationships

I help you navigate the unique challenges and joys that come from a long-distance relationship, from setting goals as a couple to managing conflicts.

Navigating Cultural Differences, LDR goal setting, Dealing with Jealousy,  Maintaining trust & emotional intimacy

  • Individual Coaching Session: £50

  • Package of 6 Coaching Sessions paid upfront: £250


What are the benefits of Relationship Coaching?

  • Learn how to have a better relationship with yourself!

  • Feel more authentic

  • Understand your own needs and how to communicate them

  • Learn how to trust yourself & others

  • Improve your ability to manage your emotions

  • Become more resilient in managing conflicts

  • Get a deeper connection with your partner

  • Enjoy more fulfilling relationships in your life

person holding Happy by Alex Lemon book
person holding Happy by Alex Lemon book

What can you expect by working together?

✔️ Assessment and goal setting
✔️ Customized Coaching Plan and regular coaching sessions (50 min, weekly or bi-weekly)
✔️ Interactive and reflective exercises during and between sessions
✔️ Additional resources for you to gather a deeper understanding of a topic
✔️ A safe space to be your true self
✔️ Support and interaction in-between sessions

MacBook Pro near white open book
MacBook Pro near white open book

I have experience working with individuals from all over the world and can fluently speak English, Romanian and Spanish.

Feel free to book a discovery call if you want to work together and have different questions.

Bear in mind, that this is not a coaching session nor a sales meeting, it's just an opportunity to get to know each other and see if we are a fit to work together.